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SG.MB-310.1.D365.PDF: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Financials Study Guide (Digital)

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Disclaimer: I didn’t write all of the content, I just made it usable, so if you want to do all of the legwork yourself, then all of this information is publicly available.

This study guide contains all of the exam prep content, including walkthroughs, practice exercises and sample Questions following core courses that are recommended for the MB-310 certification.

Course MB-310T01-A: Configure and use essential components of financial management in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Module 1: Financial Management
Module 2: Configure Currencies
Module 3: Create fiscal calendars, years and periods
Module 4: Configure Chart of Accounts
Module 5: Configure Ledger and Journals
Module 6: Configure Cash and Bank Management
Module 7: Use Cash and Bank Management
Module 8: Configure Letters of Credit and Guarantees
Module 9: Perform Daily Procedures
Module 10: Intercompany Accounting
Module 11: Configure Ledger Allocations and Accruals
Module 12: Configure Sales Tax

Course MB-310T02-A: Configure and use accounts payable, receivable, and collections in Finance and Operations
Module 1: Configure Accounts Payable
Module 2: Perform Accounts Payable Daily Procedures
Module 3: Use Accounting Distribution and Invoice Validations
Module 4: Configure Accounts Receivable
Module 5: Perform Accounts Receivable Daily Procedures
Module 6: Configure Credit and Collections
Module 7: Process Credit and Collections

Course MB-310T03-A: Configure and use budgeting, fixed assets, and additional functionality in Finance and Operations
Module 1: Configure Post-Dated Checks
Module 2: Configure and Use Basic Budgeting and Budget Control Processes
Module 3: Configure and Use Budget Planning Processes
Module 4: Configure Fixed Assets Management
Module 5: Manage Fixed Assets
Module 6: Configure and Use Cost Accounting
Module 7: Configure and Use Periodic Processes
Module 8: Configure the Electronic Reporting Framework
Module 9: Configure Localized Features
Module 10: Configure Financial Management for Public Sector

The guide has about 500+ pages all told so there is a lot of information for you all to help you with your studies.

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