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BBCG.09.D365.1.PDF: Configuring Procurement and Sourcing

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The Procurement and Sourcing  area within Dynamics 365 not only allows you to manage and track all of the purchasing activities within your organization.  It is also where you can manage all of your purchasing hierarchies, which allow you to organize all of your purchased products into more manageable groups.  You can initiate purchase orders, manage the changes to the purchase orders, and even raise requisitions that can then work through approval workflows before you convert them into live purchase orders.  All of these transactions then feed down into the Accounts Payable module, making the whole procurement cycle seamless.

Setting up the Procurement and Sourcing details are not hard either and this guide is designed to give you step by step instructions to show you how to configure the Purchasing area, and also how some of the basic parts work to get you up and running.  


Modules Included:

Module 1: Configuring the Procurement and Sourcing Controls

Module 2: Configuring Procurement Categories

Module 3: Processing Purchase Orders

Module 4: Configuring Price Lists and Discounts

Module 5: Enabling Change Management on Purchase Orders


Series: Dynamics Companions Bare Bones Configuration Guides

    Guide: Configuring Procurement and Sourcing within Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Language: English

    Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 11 inches

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